The GYA was invited to participate in the inaugural event by the Albanian Young Academy – a scientific conference with the theme: “Methodology and Scientific Research: Tradition and Innovation”. Connie Nshemereirwe (Uganda) represented GYA leadership at the event.

The conference and inaugural meeting was well-organised and well-attended. Connie had the opportunity to share with participants the links between the GYA and National Young Academies across the globe, and let them know about opportunities to collaborate with other NYAs, as well opportunities to nominate members to participate in international meetings as representatives of early to mid-career researchers.

The Albanian NYA has strong support from the Academy of Sciences of Albania: the senior academy Secretary General was in attendance at the conference and the commitment to supporting the NYA going forward was evident. The Albanian Minister of Education, Lindita Nikolla, took time out to be present at the opening of the conference, remarkable given the emergency the country faces with recent floods in the South. She expressed strong enthusiasm and support for the new Young Academy, and commended the Academy of Sciences of Albania for their support. Addressing participants at the opening was also the rector of the University of Tirana, who pledged his support, and the support of the wider scholarly community in Albania, towards encouraging young scientists to join the NYA.

The enthusiasm and vision of this new young academy was impressive, and their warm welcome to Connie on behalf of the GYA was notable.

“This inaugural event was personally inspiring given that the Uganda NYA is itself yet to hold our first public event – I certainly learnt a lot from the Albanian Young Academy. To me this epitomises the way in which young scientists around the world can come together to contribute to impacting the world through science.” – Connie Nshemereirwe (Uganda)

Albania YA members and Education Minister
Albania YA members and Education Minister