Che Ming Jack Hu

Research & Institution

Institutional Contact

Academia Sinica

Institute of Biomedical Sciences

128 Academia Road,
Section 2, Nankang,
Taipei 11529, Taiwan


Dedicated to nanotechnology research for therapeutics and vaccine development, my professional career has always revolved around multiple disciplines including material sciences, engineering, and medicine. With extensive experiences in developing biocompatible and biodegradable nanomaterials, I continue to push the boundaries between biology and engineering through research in therapeutic nanotechnology. The promise of incorporating biological inspirations with materials design is highlighted in my prior work on cell membrane coated nanoparticles, which are comprised of drug-loaded nanoformulations cloaked uniformly by the outer membranes of cells. It can be likened to taking the clothes off natural cells and putting them carefully onto nanotherapeutics. The resulting nanoparticles are bestowed with many biomimetic properties as they possess the intricate cell surface chemistry. The platform has been demonstrated in drug delivery, biodetoxification, and vaccine applications and published in numerous scientific journals including Nature, Nature Nanotechnology, and PNAS. I am currently continuing my research passion as an independent researcher in the Institute of Biomedical Sciences at Academia Sinica in Taiwan. My laboratory is focused on the development of novel biomaterials and nanoparticles with advanced functionalities. As I believe innovations and ground-breaking work originate from the collaboration of diverse perspectives, we take an integrative approach to connect scientists and experts of different backgrounds in our laboratory. We seek to tackle major global health threats through innovative materials engineering and rigorous biological studies.