Call for Participants for Science Diplomacy in South Asia workshop, 2020

“Science Diplomacy is the torch that can light the way, where other kind of politics and diplomacy have failed.”


To enlighten South Asia with the torch of Science Diplomacy, the GYA Science Diplomacy in South Asia working group is organising an online workshop on Science Diplomacy in South Asia in November and December 2020. The group encourages applications from the following groups of people from eight South Asian countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan):

  • PhD students
  • Scientists/researchers
  • University teachers
  • Government officials in the Ministry of Science and Technology and Foreign Affairs.

Fields: The call is open to people with a background in the natural, physical, and social sciences, as well as arts and humanities, and business and management.

Expectations: potential science diplomats are expected to attend four online workshop sessions during November-December 2020, once every week on Saturday for 3 hours, 13:00-16:00 UTC. The dates are 21 November, 28 November, 5 December and 12 December 2020.

Applicants are also expected to take science diplomacy as a lifelong mission to make South Asia the best region in the world.

Application process: Applications should be completed personally by the candidate in English in the online application form. Completing the application might take about 30 minutes or more.

The link to the application form is here.

The application must be submitted by 18:00 UTC on 30 October 2020.

Selection process: There are 100 vacancies available for South Asian participants. The GYA working group members will conduct the selection process based on: a) answers to the questions; and b) linked online profile. Diversity will be maintained in terms of gender/ specialization/ institution/ country.

For all queries, please contact the organisers from the GYA Science Diplomacy working group, .