Almas Taj Awan

Research & Institution

Institutional Contact

Universidade Federal de Sao CarlosSP, Brazil.

Department of Chemistry

Departemento de Química, UFSCar, Rodovia Washington Luís, s/n, São Carlos - SP, 13565-905, SP, Brazil


Dr. Almas T. Awan received her PhD (Organic chemistry) degree from the Campinas State University, Sao Paulo, Brazil. She has four major focuses for her scientific research career: mass spectrometry, renewable energy from waste biomass, wastewater recycling technologies and, water, wastewater and sediment analyses.
Currently, she is a Cherie Blair Foundation Mentee in Mentoring Women In Business Programme (London, UK), Alumni at Global Innovation through Science and Technology initiative Programme by AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Sciences) and an Independent Scientific Research Collaborator.
Dr. Almas has authored peer-reviewed publications and has presented numerous lectures to national and international audiences. She was the president of Urdu literary Society during her Graduation, Media secretary during her Masters and SOLC member of British Council in Pakistan. Apart from academia, she served as Anchor person and Producer Radio programmes on FM and AM for 4 years and also on National TV Channal (PTV) for 1 year. She was awarded TWAS-CNPq fellowship for her Ph.D. in Brazil under student exchange program by The World Academy of Science, Italy. Dr. Almas has reviewed numerous scientific articles for different Journals. She is a member of the American Association for the advancement of Sciences, The American Society for Mass spectrometry and Brazilian Society of Mass spectrometry as well.