Preparing your application for the Global Young Academy (GYA):

9 tips to make sure you put in a competitive application!


We are delighted that you are planning to submit an application to join the GYA! This is to help you have the best possible chance of being selected by making sure you fill in the application form fully and correctly.


  1. Read the website before preparing your application. Get to know the mission and working group activities of the GYA so you can make your application specific and show your interest in contributing is genuine.


  1. Fill in the form properly! Make sure your email address and contact details are clear and correct, as well as those of your referees. Fill out every field. Stick to the word/page limits – this is the way we make it a fair process for everyone.


  1. Take time to prepare your answers to the essay questions. This is where you get to tell our selection panel why you want to join the GYA, what you care about, and how you think you fit with the GYA mission and vision.
    1. Draft your answers offline and then upload them at the end so you can read and re-read.
    2. Ask a friend or colleague to have a look at the GYA website and mission, and then comment on your responses.
    3. If English is not your native language, ask someone to review the spelling, grammar and clarity.


  1. Do not copy and paste the same information for different questions. Each question is included to get different information from you. Take the time to fill them in properly.


  1. Show us where your passion is! The GYA is about issues that may be beyond your scientific expertise so your proposed involvement should be more than writing scientific papers. Tell us what you can bring to GYA and how you can increase GYA’s diversity of ideas to make a better world. Show us what you want to change about the world, and how being part of the GYA could help you get there.


  1. Consider carefully your motivation in applying for membership. Membership of the GYA is not just a line on your CV. If you get selected, it is an opportunity to change the world. You don’t want to waste it! There are many benefits to membership [link to ‘5 good reasons to join the GYA], but you will only get out what you put in.


  1. Be open about challenges you have overcome and your achievements. We recognise that there are many pathways to success, some more difficult than others. Often those who have had the greatest challenges have developed unique skills and knowledge along the way.


  1. Inform your referees about the GYA so they can write specific references. Request your referee to visit the GYA website/ provide them with information about the GYA, so that they can specify why they think you should be selected and how you could contribute to the GYA.


  1. Make sure you know what the GYA can and can’t do for you. There is some co-funding for travel to the AGM available but it is not an organisation that can offer you paid work or a scholarship.


IMPORTANT: If, after following these suggestions, your application is not selected, please do not despair! We receive hundreds of applications and only ~40 applicants from around the world are able to be selected each year. We encourage you to continue to explore ways you can contribute your energy to positive actions that can improve the world within your country, your region, or at international level. The GYA collaborates with many other organisations and with National Young Academies (NYA). Have you checked out the NYA in your country? If there isn’t one, perhaps you can initiate one (and check out the GYA support for developing NYAs)!