AGM 2023 Ticker #3 - Connect

The Ticker is the newsletter format reserved for bringing you the latest, important and overall necessary information for preparing your participation in the upcoming GYA Annual General Meeting (AGM).

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Happy April to all of you. The AGM of 2023 is drawing near. Registration will close 30 April 2023, so remember to head over to our dedicated page now and let us know that you are coming this year:

Remember to register! The AGM 2023 is just around the corner.

In the meantime, we will take a moment with this Ticker to look at technicalities of the AGM. What formats are there to look forward to, what tools are available to you for preparation and what other things should you be in the know of. So, without further ado, let’s get started:


If you’re registered: have you signed up for workshops? If not, how about doing it now? It only takes two minutes. Tip: some workshops take place at the same time, so please try not to register for multiple, parallel workshops: AGM Workshops - Global Young Academy

Remember: You are the GYA; the GYA is you.

If you think “GYA should do this”, then there is no time like now to start writing your email to your peers. Because if you think it should be done, then you should do it. Or you should find the group of people to join who will be tackling it. This is how GYA works. Time just needs to be invested; the efforts pay off!

Have your say at the AGM: The General Assembly!

There are two 2-hour sessions set aside at the AGM to discuss internal matters and further improve our GYA. As a member or alumniplus you may propose a topic for discussion, which should pertain to governance, structure, and/or strategic priorities of the GYA. Please send an email to by 15 May 2023 with the following info:

Topic to be discussed:
Rationale/problem statement:
Proposed updates /suggestions (if applicable):

After the deadline, the EC will be in touch with topic proposers to plan for the sessions including scheduling.

Back in person: What’s different than last year

Attendance of the panels, working group sessions etc. is vital for any conference or overall meeting. Yet, consider that this year, certain formats will change and be reverted to their in-person variant.

The real watercooler breaks: Working hard requires a break now and then. So, grab that coffee or that glass of water and meet your fellow attendees to chat about what’s happening in that ongoing panel or that recent Working Group meeting. It would be a shame to miss these.

The elections: In 2023, the GYA elections go back to happening in person. This means in-person voting: all members eligible to vote will gather and the voting will occur in a few rounds until the final result is available. Attending this session will be of utmost importance. Do not skip it. Do note that the “EC Pitches” sessions are part of the Elections, and you should also join to meet, listen and talk to your candidates.
As in previous in-person years, we will have a real, physical blackboard with the pitches up. Profiles of candidates will not be available online.

Activities group time: As the AGM is a working meeting, you could just as well consider all time that is not packed with panels, meetings etc. as time for GYA Activities Groups to get together. All GYA activity groups are encouraged to organise their meetings beforehand or simply meet ad-hoc. Do make the most of your time in person there. The Office will be in touch with group co-leads to help with planning for group meetings.

AGM Preparation: Things you can do now

Want to do more? Then consider these suggestions to further improve your GYA experience and stay in the loop as you continue to prepare for the 2023 AGM:

AGM Website: Bookmark it, it has all the information – You have probably visited this page many times. The need for it will not diminish as it holds the programme and more. So how about bookmarking this page if you have not already:

Agora: Downloads, documents and exchange - What with being able to be in the same room this year rather than just browsing the same thread on the Agora, latter’s role in this year’s AGM will be smaller. As you might just be familiar with it from the previous two AGMs, we will use it to have all the (internal) documents for this year’s AGM and conference ready for you.

The forum that holds all things AGM in 2023 is this one:

Remember that you need to have an account. The login for the Agora account is different than that of the website. If you have not yet got an account, please make one. Account creation is enabled.

Google Calendar: import the programme to your phone. We will set up the Google Calendar much like in 2022 with all sessions (including days and times). This allows you to import the entire schedule into your phone in one go and navigate the event as such. Please understand that the Google Calendar serves as a general aid for navigating the event. All detailed information about the events will be linked (on the AGM website) rather than copied into the calendar.

Whitelist our mailings in your favourite Email Service – This is to ensure our emails get through to you and don’t get accidently filtered by a misguided spam-filter or the like.

Consider an email-address unique to your GYA membership or one or more dedicated folders in your account for GYA emails - Once you look through the list of GYA members on our website, you will notice that quite a number have an email for GYA only. Consider this, if you can in fact check this separate inbox frequently. Another option is to create a GYA folder (or a number of folders) and set up rules to manage your incoming mails. If you don’t know how to do that: You can use your favourite search engine to look up articles on “how to filter my emails using rules in [insert your email service or programme here]”. It is incredibly helpful to manage large amounts of incoming mail and keep it all in one inbox.

What members should do to connect to each other

Agora – Plan your travels: Now that you have an account for the Agora, how about seeing what fellow members might be planning in terms of shared lodging for self-funded participants (Agora Topic) and about staying on in Rwanda past the AGM (Agora Thread).

Attendee Roster - Find out who is coming to Rwanda. You can contact them beforehand should you wish to, find out all about them (by looking at their GYA Profile on the website) and just get a feeling of who and what might come your way in Kigali in June. The attendee roster is posted on the Agora and will be updated as registrations come in: AGM Attendee Roster 2023: The Who's Who - GYA Agora (

Subscribe to us on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter – Do you use Social Media? Then you know Social media channels live through sharing and resharing. Subscribe to our channels and reshare our content to your network today.

Whatsapp: Members and alumni often organise through Whatsapp. There is a large group for members and alumni in general, and then special groups pertaining to particular events are created additionally. Please note that the Office is not part of the Whatsapp group and cannot help in case of questions or problems.

Social media guidelines & GYA Code of Professional Conduct

We ask that you please be aware of the potential for large cultural and individual differences in what is seen as appropriate information to be shared. If in doubt, please ask before posting anything to social media. We expect all meeting participants to behave with the highest of decorum in their communications online and in person.

Find more information and a link to the full Code of Professional Conduct here

GYA Code of Conduct - 2023 Annual General Meeting and International Conference (

Member Leave Policy

In the case of illness or other disruptive life events, GYA members are entitled to a leave from active membership of one GYA year. Upon resumption of membership, the duration of leave will be added to the membership period. The full text of the leave policy is available in Section 3.9 (under Membership) of the GYA Constitution.  

Please note that if you are interested in taking such a leave from the AGM 2023 to the AGM 2024, the deadline for notification is 1 June 2023. Please email your notice to Co-Chairs Priscilla Kolibea Mante (Ghana), Prosper Ngabonziza (United States) and your Membership Officer Franziska Güntner (GYA Office, Germany).

Ticker Travel Tips: Rwanda Edition pt 3

Important: Your visa.

You will need to have a visa to attend the AGM. You can acquire it in one of two ways:

  1. Order and pay for it online through this link (processing time approx. 7 days):

  2. Have your credit card (Visa or Mastercard) on you at the airport in Kigali to purchase your visa upon arrival.

Find more information on Rwanda visa on the AGM website at Venue & Travel - 2023 Annual General Meeting and International Conference (

Flying into Kigali

Kigali International Airport is approximately 5km from the Kigali city center. It is connected to the greater Kigali area by bus, taxi or any other road-based means of transportation. While at the airport, note that you will find a café and restaurant that are open 24/7. Furthermore, there are duty-free gift shops. You can access the WiFi for free at the airport or buy a local sim card for your phone right there.

Your travel arrangements

Make sure to have all your travel arrangements printed out with you on top of their digital versions. Furthermore, remember to carry a colour copy of your passport with you.  

Come equipped

There is no doubt in our mind that you will bring your laptop, its charger and a mouse if you need one. Just like your phone – make sure it comes equipped with a QR Code reader.  

BYO: Bring your own … reusable water bottle

Do not bring disposable plastic containers – be it boxes or bottles. Have one reusable water bottle that you fill up as you go. Leave the plastic bags at home when packing and consider a linen bag or similar items instead. Disposable plastic containers have been outlawed in Rwanda.  

Dress for the occasion

Bring attire that fits into the business casual category. Definitely pack some proper shoes (rather than sandals), and some evening wear.  

Your medication

If there is certain medication you need, make sure to bring it. Also, consider packing anything of your favourite brand if you are partial to it for whatever reason. Most importantly, if you need them, make sure you bring those Malaria meds.

Your GYA Pin

Bring it, wear it. Show the world that you are the GYA.

Inspirational Words: Why attend an AGM

Together with members and alumni who attended the 2018 and / or 2019 AGMs, let us reminisce a little and be inspired by what an in-person AGM is like.

These are excerpts, and the full quotes can be found here:

Inspirational Quotes - 2023 Annual General Meeting and International Conference (

Members at the  2019 AGM / (c) Markus Scholz

Anindita Bhadra
“The AGM is the best experience of being a part of the GYA; in less than a week, you can go from being a member to a family member of the GYA, if you are at an AGM.” Anindita’s quote is here.

Maral Dadvar 

“The GYA experience comes to its fullest only at the AGMs. This is the time that you get to meet everyone in person and create a bond that can stay forever.”
Maral’s quote is here.

Flavia Pires

“The feeling of belonging, of learning and making new and beloved friends. Found memories built around breakfast table, great ideas developed over lunch.” Flavia’s full quote is here.

This is it for Ticker #3. Two more mailings to follow before we meet in Kigali. Please note that this is the last Ticker of 2023 that we send to all members, alumniplus and alumni. Beginning with Ticker #4 we will only send the mailing to those who have registered. So if you have not done so already, this is the moment to register now.  

We are looking forward to seeing you in Kigali.

Hope to see you in Kigali.

Take good care.

The GYA Office