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University of York
Department of Health Sciences

Research Interests

Tobacco control



My current research focuses on tobacco control in low and middle income countries (LMICs). I investigate individual-level and population-level health perspectives and approaches. I mainly conduct intervention research utilizing both quantitative and qualitative research methods, as well as observational research. I investigate the prevalence of alcohol/ tobacco use in specific populations (HIV positive and TB patients) or settings, determinants of these behaviors, their impact on health outcomes, interventions to address these behaviors, and the impact of those interventions both on the behaviours and treatment outcomes (TB/ HIV treatment outcomes) including mortality. I have experience in developing and implementing tobacco focused research studies in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Pakistan, South Africa, The Gambia, Uganda and Zimbabwe. For example, I am principal investigator (PI) for a study investigating the tobacco use behaviour and factors associated with current tobacco use status among PLWH who are in HIV care, as well as barriers and facilitators to stopping using tobacco in Uganda. I am a co-investigator on an ongoing project looking to address a number of lifestyle factors (smoking, alcohol misuse and medication adherence) among TB patients with/without HIV in South Africa. I am also managing a project evaluating a community-based Smoke Free Homes intervention, with or without Indoor Air Quality feedback, in reducing non-smokers’ exposure to second hand smoke in the home in Bangladesh. I have previously worked on HIV prevention and treatment trials in Zimbabwe.

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