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Dr. Mohammad A. Al-Ghouti obtained his PhD degree in Industrial and environmental chemistry from the Queen’s University of Belfast/UK in 2004. He held several posts at Royal Scientific Society (RSS)/Industrial Chemistry Centre since 1997, the latest is an assistant professor, a senior research scientist, and a consultant in Industrial and environmental chemistry. In addition, Dr. Al-Ghouti worked in the German-Jordanian University as an assistant professor in chemistry (applied sciences). Currently, he is working in Fahad Bin Sultan University – Saudi Arabia as an assistant professor in chemistry and a director of the Arts and Sciences Unit. The focus of Dr Al-Ghouti’s research is to modify the surface of the adsorbents and study the mechanism and the influence on the chemical and physical characteristics on the adsorption behaviour during adsorption, including areas of: Instrumentation chemistry-FTIR, and Chemometrics, Metals recovery, Fuel treatment, Environmental chemistry, Used lubricating oils and re-refining processes, Natural adsorbent chemistry, Wastewater treatment, Adsorption refrigeration. Dr Al-Ghouti taught various courses in chemistry such as General chemistry, Engineering chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Corrosion Chemistry, Water chemistry and Analytical chemistry I, II.

Dr Al-Ghouti has published over twenty nine paper and conference publications; all of them have been published in international journals. A co-author for a book published in VDM Verlag Dr. Müller GmbH & Co. KG. Dr Al-Ghouti is awarded a Jordan Scopus Award 2009/Elsvier in 1st April 2009 for his excellent scientific works as revealed in Elsevier’s Scopus database. Dr. Al-Ghouti is on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Information Systems and Social Change (IJISSC), the Journal of Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology, Research Journal of Chemical Sciences and the Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology. In addition, several training courses have been conducted on various topics by Dr. Al-Ghouti such as Effective Project Management, Design and Evaluation of Innovation Policy in Developing Countries, Patent Drafting, Advanced Balanced Scorecard (BSC) workshop, and Business Innovation Workshop: Innovate or Die.